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Our feta, a hard and crumbly cheese, is exceptionally popular with professional and home chefs for its mildly tangy taste and excellent texture.

Feta is produced over a few weeks in small brine-soaked batches. We take 50 gallons at a time, adding more culture and rennet than the soft cheeses and holding the batch at a different temperature. The milk curdles to a stiff yoghurt, which the cheesemakers cut into one-inch squares and drain for 30 minutes. They hand-stir the cut curds slowly and gently, to release more whey but not break up the squares. The curds then drain in stainless steel basket molds under pressure overnight.

In the morning, the cheesemakers cut these firm curds into two-pound pieces, sprinkle each side with kosher salt, and stash them in the cooler for two days, to drain off more whey and achieve the dry, crumbly texture we yearn for in feta.

The fetas are then stored in buckets of 25% salt brine for two months, and then relieved of some of this salt in a 4% brine for three or four days. We cut them to size for the shop, and sell out almost immediately!

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