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Parcels from Harley Farms

Choosing presents for your hardworking team and important clients is an art. They want what you want, though. Imaginative essentials, made locally with the hard work of people who care about their community. Look no further. There is nothing like real food and superlative body care basics from a real farm. They will never forget these gorgeous presents. Made in this extraordinary farming community, easy for you to choose and ship.

Our chic parcels of award-winning cheeses and goat milk body treats are elegantly boxed and can be individually labeled if you like.

Choose your own parcel

Don't see exactly what you had in mind below? Then call us and discuss your perfect mix. We'll send you a photo of how your choice will look when arranged in a parcel.

Ship to individual addresses or (minimum order $250.00) hand-deliver to your Bay Area office. Call 650 879-0480 or email us at

Cheese parcels

Tasty Cheese parcel
Our Monet chevre is always the most gorgeously dressed at a party, and probably our most popular cheese - there won't be any leftovers. 1lb Monet chevre $25

Lucky Cheese parcel
You never know when you'll get lucky. Except that if you have two gorgeous jars of Harley Farms chevre in oil and habanero jelly in your larder, you can be lucky any time of the day. Delicious straight out of the jar or elegant hors d'oeuvres. 7.5oz chevre in oil and half pint habanero jelly $40

Collage Cheese parcel
An alluring collection of our savory and sweet flavored chevre. Fresh farmstead cheese with edible flowers, basil, sunflower seeds, sundried tomatoes, dried sweetened cranberries, dried apricots, walnuts and pistachios, gorgeous right out of the box. 7oz Van Goat chevre and 3oz Monet, tomato basil, cranberry walnut and apricot pistachio chevres $50

Bath & Body parcels

Ultimate Face Luxury parcel
This is the complete collection for sensitive, pampered skin of any age. Take some time in your busy days to look after your face, and it will tell a different story. Our goat milk body collection is supremely delicate, effective and wholly natural, ideal protection from age and the environment. This is indeed the essence of luxury: world-class effective ingredients, hand-made with a sustainable harvest in mind. Harley Farms Eye Cream, Harley Farms Face Lotion, Milk and Honey Facial Cleanser, Facial Tonic, and Lip Balm $135

  Perfect Them parcel
Great for athletic types. Our bar soap is a soap for aficionados, aged for months to keep shape and lather, made with fresh goat milk, oils and essential oils only. Our salve gets right in there for powerful skin protection - we specify hands, but cyclists and hobbity feet would love this too. Goat milk soap and hand salve $35

  Lather Them parcel
For everybody who likes to be clean and silky-smooth. Luxury liquid soap for gentle, effective cleaning and silky-smooth goat milk lotion with aromatic finish to keep your skin smooth and fragrant. Liquid soap and body lotion $45

  Relax Them parcel
A relaxing aromatherapetic combination of massage oil and spicy citrus goat milk soap. Our blend of premium almond oil and lavender essential oil takes away the stresses of the day. Finish with a luscious lather from our well-made classic bar soap for enriched, happier skin and body. 4fl oz bottle lavender massage oil and citrus goat milk bar soap $30


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