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This is Bart, our legendary llama
The Llamas

Over the years we've been given seven llamas, of whom four are on the farm and two on a neighboring ranch.

Bart, our legendary male llama, featured on our What Are You Looking At? T-shirt, and on hundreds of farm photographs, died peacefully in the first week of January 2010. He was the father figure to generations of younger goats here at the farm. We celebrated his life with a gentle memorial service in February 2010, scattering grass seed upon his resting place in the pasture.

Dolly and Lorenzo, and our newest llamas Ruby and Haley, who are all retired show llamas, live with the younger and older milking herds, respectively.

The llamas are guard animals. They will protect their territory and herd of goats from coyotes, dogs, and other intruders, by chasing the intruder and/or herding the flock into a safer place.

Llamas generally live for up to 25 years, though we think Bart was 28 years old. They were domesticated 4000-5000 years ago in Peru, and are generally docile and highly social. You may hear them humming, but we hope you won't see them spitting in concern!

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