Made in Britain

June 16, 2011

Upon the funeral of their adored dog of 17 years, my old friends Andrew and Griff are in town to open up our shop to a cornucopia of clothes and textiles, hand-made in Britain for Harley Farms. Our "Made in Britain" lines will be a tempting mix of the practical and decorative, with clogs for women and children and Shetland wool hats already available for you to try. But first, please consider Andrew and Griff’s loss.


Andrew and Griff’s Piglet, adopted 17 years ago from a London pound, died peacefully last month

I remember an awful incident a year or so ago when we were all on holiday in Yorkshire. Piglet, let out last thing in the evening for a little fresh air, wandered off, perhaps confused by the countryside. Andrew and Griff leapt to the dramatic conclusion that she had been squashed on the local railway, but very happily she reappeared in the morning on the milkman’s truck, having been spotted trotting along the lanes. She lived another few months of her very long life.


You may be a fashion buyer, but we will still make you work on the farm. Griff wrangles a frisky llama


Andrew directs a photo shoot of our Made In Britain wool caps

We quite often feature our dead pets. It may be a way of dealing with the emotional tumult of being responsible for the welfare of animals and staff on the farm. An official farewell ends an exhausting season of work or an unusual week of incident. And happy times are ahead! We welcome you to the farm in summer for a relaxing day out or a farm dinner upstairs. Do stop by the farm shop to admire Andrew and Griff’s design work and lovely new hand-made things for you and your family.