May 28, 2012

I wish we had collected photos of Chloe for every year she’s worked at the farm, starting with one weekend day in eighth grade, but here’s something typical from this year, now that she runs tours, trains shop staff, owns a pasteurization license and is an all-round farm girl, not to mention her nursing career.


Chloe is an athlete - she has always understood working hard, reliability, teamwork and being funny. She is competent and kind to animals, but not sentimental. She is adored by our cheesemaking and farm staff alike, not least for her broad understanding of Spanish idiom. When she started here, she was shy. Now we can’t get her away from visitors. We are so proud of our local staff, and Chloe is a stellar example of somebody who would be a fantastic employee anywhere but who has stayed with us to be a part of the farm. Thank you Chloe! and congratulations from us all on being accepted to nursing college!