You don't need a rooster

May 13, 2013

but your roaming hens do. If you live in an area that permits roosters, and your hens are free to roam on your property, then a rooster is the best choice for predator protection. Have you watched a rooster with his hens? He will cock his head sideways at any shadow in the sky even as the hens continue to scratch without worry. He will stand between them and a dog, raccoon or coyote, and fight.


This is Potato. He replaces my elderly rooster, blind in one eye, who died fighting a raccoon earlier this year

Roosters are noisy, yes - and very annoying if there’s another one nearby. If they grow up with you, they know your face, but they may attack visitors who surprise them. There are other guardians for your flock. Guinea hens will watch the sky and sound their screeching alarm to warn the hens. Turkeys may deter predators - and will nip your visitors hard. But roosters are a joy to watch around their girls and I’m glad we have one.