Meet the newborn kids in spring, the milking herd, the guardian dogs and British White cattle, plus the bees and peacocks. Bring your walking shoes. Small groups of twelve or fewer. Enjoy a discount on your farm shop purchase, too.

Tours go ahead, rain or shine. There will be more barn time if it's pouring with rain.

Tours FAQ

Do we need to book a tour to visit the farm?
No, pop in any day between 11am and 4pm to say hello to the goats and donkeys over the fence.
Is the farm shop open?
Our farm shop is open for browsing or pick up orders.
Do we have to pay full price for our toddler?
We think wandering around the farm by yourselves is more fun for little ones. We have information boards dotted around the farm and a pen with goats (kids in springtime) who are easy to see and touch over the fence. Farm tours involve a walk of about a mile with stops for talking, and tickets are $55/individual.
Do you have family tours?
Children under seven may prefer to look around our public spaces at their own speed. If you would like to meet and cuddle baby goats with your family, ask us about private family tours
Your tours are sold out but can we join one?
Sorry. We are keeping tour numbers low for safety.
Are tours suitable for people with limited mobility?
We would be delighted to make special arrangements for you in advance so that you can see as much of the farm as possible. Send us a message before you visit. The tour involves soft uneven ground and may not be easy for all. We do not offer tractor rides.
Can we bring our dog?
Your dog is welcome in the pond area on a leash. Do not bring your dog inside the farm gate or near the goats. Our Anatolian shepherds are trained to react to potential threats to the goats. Please pick up after your dog.
Can we picnic on the farm?
We do have picnic tables around the pond for you; we greatly appreciate your support of the farm in purchasing tours and food from our farm shop.
Can we book a tour just for us?
We would love to arrange a private tour for you.