Farm Weddings

Say “ I do ” on our intimate family farm. We have the space for your romantically rustic dream— a woodland dell of mature oak and fairytale lichens, a hidden garden of roses and winding paths.

Two options for feast and party

Choose the hayloft with magnificent fir table or the larger upper barn for cocktails, dinner, and dancing.

Add these extra finishing touches

We will gather your wedding bouquet from our gardens, make your cake even more romantic with flowers, and set the table with flavours made on the farm.

Your ceremony in the secret garden

One of you waits under an ancient tea tree, the other enters the garden through mossy oaks and over a narrow bridge. It is deeply romantic, and your photographs will be beautiful.

Farm Weddings Include

We will do it all. Drop off the wine and go get your hair done. We will be arranging flowers and making your lavender lemonade.