Sarah Wool's Woolly Llamas

October 25, 2013

Sarah Wool is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wool, who shear our llamas, and most of the neighborhood’s llamas and alpacas, every year. She was here with her dad helping out earlier this year. Sarah grew up with animals on their San Jose property, and plans a career in agribusiness

  • not with animals, but with plants, which involve less emotional involvement! She’s supplementing her CalPoly student income with these gorgeous full-of-personality woolly llamas, for sale in our farm shop.


Sarah’s llamas are Scottish Blackface sheep and mohair goat wool - the mohair gives the gorgeous curly bodies


Llama "wool" is actually fibers rather than wool - hollow, with no lanolin. The outer coat fibers, or guard hair, are stiff and tricky to comb out from the fleece, so mohair and sheep wool were a much cuddlier choice for these mini llamas